Quick Review of Redhawk Vineyard and Winery

Redhawk Vineyard and WineryRedhawk Vineyard and Winery is such a great place to unwind, drink delicious wine, and have fun with family and loved ones. Its charm lies in the fact that it is a small vineyard and winery owned and operated by a family. The vineyard and the valley are amazing to look at and there are picnic areas where you can rest and eat and drink some of their premium wine. Y0u can also bring your pet dog/s because the place is dog-friendly. They have a wine club there where you can join via membership and if you want to bring your bike, you could because there are bike routes around the area. In terms of their wine, they make delicious premium wine such as Pinot noir, Dolcetto, Pinot gris, and Riesling. Moreover, the owners, staff, and the people working in the vineyard and winery are all approachable, friendly, and knowledgeable in their field of expertise.

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Redhawk Vineyard & Winery, 2995 Michigan City Ln NW, Salem, OR 97304

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